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Podlasie, formerly Podlasze, is a land “under Lendians”, i.e. Polish nobility. Small nobility, coming to these areas since XIV century from Masovia and the other lands of the Polish Kingdom, settled down – in the largest numbers – on Drohiczyn lands, located in the western part of Podlaskie Voivodeship, including a parish and a community of Perlejewo. The heraldic brotherhood, lingering since ages in their backwaters, i.e. nobility villages, still live here.

Dwór Podlaski (Podlasie Manor) is a family house of Wierzbiccy from Perlejewo. Built in 1863, the house and 30-hectare estate is separated from the village by the picturesque river Pełchówka, which sometimes overflows its banks, creating beautiful, several-hundred-meter wide pools. Built of logs, with a porch supported by two columns, covered with wood chips, the house fascinates with its shape and proportions, and a spruce alley that leads to it, the huge safeguarding maples, an orchard by the river and the surrounding nature are a perfect complement. The aged walls of this manor, whose considerable part is preserved in its original form, are silent witnesses of stormy life of its residents, living in the rhythm of the history, conditioned by the Great Lithuanian Track, located nearby.

After crossing a threshold, one can smell a pleasant, refreshing fragrance of old wood, and a brick floor combined with the aged logs and ceiling, creates a unique climate. Despite being fully equipped with the blessings of civilization, a kitchen encourages us to use a stove, a bread oven or a stone cool basement with an arch ceil. A classic tiled fireplace in a living-room heats the atmosphere perfectly, and the glass, found in a historic cupboard, encourage to taste a traditional raspberry liqueur, made in the household out of its own, ecological fruit.

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